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PCS is excited to offer HIGH SCHOOL softball! The week of February 18th we will begin athlete evaluations and practices. Typically, our
high school teams will practice three times each week until games begin. Once games begin, you can expect two games each week, with the occasional week only have one or sometimes up to three games. We try to play mostly in the Louisville area, however we do play other KCAC schools in the state and may need to travel to those locations for some away games or tournaments. Practices: Softball practices will typically be in the PCS gym or at Tom Sawyer park.

Download High School PDF Here

PCS is excited to offer middle school softball for PCS students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades.  If you have participated before we hope you choose to do so again, and if this will be your first time, welcome!
Season Info:  We will begin athlete evaluations & practices the week of February 18th.  Our middle school softball teams typically practice twice a week, with the occasional third practice before games begin.  Once games begin, you can expect one or two games each week. We will play in a JCPS league with other area middle school teams.

Download Middle School PDF Here

Team Head Coach
Varsity Doug Steele, Kris Goldener
Middle School Kris Goldener, Joan Heid, Taralyn Rough