The idea behind this journal was born out of the PCS Creative Writing Club, made up of students and faculty members who, simply put, just wanted to create. With a strong desire to see each soul thrive through the gifts God has given them, this endeavor not only offered our student body both the opportunities to grow as artists and enjoy each other’s art, but more importantly, worship God through that very art. Literary theorist Mikhail Bakhtin once said, “The idea lives not in one person’s isolated individual [mind]… if it remains there only, it degenerates and dies.” This is our attempt to share our ideas, see them engaged, and hopefully spur new ones in each of you. Thank you for reading!

— Jordan Goings
Faculty Advisor

Eagle Ink is designed to make available to the students of PCS an opportunity to express themselves within an environment which applauds individuality and encourages soul growth. It is a place for artists, philosophers, and wordsmiths alike to be vulnerable and courageous in presenting who they are and what they have to say. The construct of art is a noble one, which platforms beauty, honesty, healing, and betterment. This journal is perhaps one of the most visceral offerings of worship we can extend to the Lord, and I am beyond impressed with the range of pieces, both visual and literary, submitted for this first issue of Eagle Ink.

— Mackenzie Childers
Student Advisor

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