Lunch Room Parent Information & Menu

Payment Policies:

The primary focus of our staff is the preparation and service of the meal. To help us make the most of our time, we have instituted a “no charge” policy. School lunch accounts will be “debit” accounts, not charge accounts. Families will deposit funds in their accounts for food purchases of any kind. Prepayment allows students to go through the line quicker giving them more time to eat.

Please prepay for lunch online through your FACTS account. We are not able to take cash or checks for payment at this time.


This is only available on a limited basis and is designed to cover the rare situation of a student forgetting a lunch or a parent neglecting to prepay. Charges will be allowed for one day only and must be paid in full the following school day. If your account becomes delinquent, you may be charged a late fee. Students may only charge a lunch, not extras such as additional entrees, ice cream or chips.

Lunch Room Forms

School Lunch Schedule:

10:40- 11:05     Kindergarten – 1st Grade

10:45- 11:10     2nd – 3rd Grade

11:10- 11:35     4th – 5th Grade

11:15- 11:40     6th Grade

11:50- 12:15     7th – 8th Grade

12:45- 1:10      9th – 12th Grade


School Lunch Prices

A la carte$1.00

Lunch Type Price
Full Meal – includes an entrée, fruit, vegetable, and milk or juice $4.75
Entrée Only $3.50
Chick Fil A Meal $6.00
Chick Fil A Sandwich Only $5.00
Milk or Juice $0.50
Fruit/Veggie $1.00
Cafe Tuesday $5.50
Adult Lunch $5.00

*Reduced priced lunches will be offered to qualifying households. Please see application.