Teaching Truth, Touching Lives, Since 1924.

School Philosophy

We believe education concerns the whole nature of man–body, mind and spirit. To educate and train this mind and this body to the neglect of the spiritual nature is the sad weakness of public education. It is in man’s spiritual nature that he is most like or unlike God Who created him to be in His image. The greatest tool in the hands of man for the education of his spirit is the Bible. Because of several restraining factors, the Bible, for the most part, is ruled out of public education. In 1924, the members of the Portland Avenue Church of Christ decided that, whatever might be the cost to themselves, they would open a school in which their children could have the benefit of daily Bible teaching together with the state curriculum for the public schools. The church secured dedicated teachers who carried forward the school regardless of whether or not they received much pay for their services. The school began as a work of faith and a labor of love supported by free-will offerings.

Under a free government the school has enjoyed the freedom of teaching the Bible as the Word of the living God free from denominational bias. We have the privilege of presenting science, history, literature, and other secular subjects from the Christian rather than the evolutionary viewpoint, which pushes the God of the Bible out of the picture. This type of school gives opportunity to stress conduct and the formation of character after the pattern of Bible instruction. Click here to see our Expected Student Outcomes.

The teachers are selected for scholastic ability, but even more so for their dedication to this philosophy of education whereby they may best serve man and God.