SCRIP Fundraising

SCRIP can help parents save money and apply “points” towards tuition, fees, or future savings on tuition. Visit the SCRIP website HERE.

SCRIP cards provide a way for parents to shop from retailers that we all know and love. Stores such as Kroger, Wal-Mart and Target are among the list of stores involved in this program. A percentage of each qualified sale goes directly to the student’s school account. A sample list of companies include: The Home Depot, Walmart, and Target.


Want to know how SCRIP works? Watch the video below.

What is Scrip?

Gift Cards

The same gift cards you see in stores that you normally purchase to give to others. You can use them on your own spending!

Easy Earning

Each gift card has a rebate percentage that goes directly to your organization upon purchase.

The Best Fundraising Idea

No-selling and no-soliciting— scrip is fundraising while you shop®.