PCS Online Partnership – Designed for You


What is the purpose of this new program?

PCS, by God’s grace, has served families for nearly 100 years by providing affordable and accessible Christian education.  As the world changes and the needs of families change it is our desire to fill that need. SHAREPCS is designed to serve families and students that, for various reasons, are unable to attend in-person classes at PCS but desire to take advantage of the biblically based and academically rigorous courses offered.

Who is this program designed for?

This program is designed for high school students who would like to partner with PCS to earn high school credit.  SHAREPCS is currently not designed for students to earn all the needed credits for each year of high school but designed to be a supplement to a homeschool program.  Students should be 14 years of age and ready for 9th grade.

Are student devices provided?

Students will be given a device to use for all school work.  This device is property of PCS and is provided for use while enrolled in SHAREPCS.  The device will be returned to PCS once all course work is completed.

What are parent responsibilities/expectations?

Parents are responsible for holding their students accountable and providing a good work environment for their students.  They also must provide a reliable internet connection.  It is vital that students be able to meet with their teachers as needed and face to face (virtually) at least once a week.  Parents also must be willing to communicate with the teacher(s) about student needs or concerns as they come up throughout the year and not just at the end of a quarter or semester.

What are student expectations?

Each student enrolled in SHAREPCS is a PCS student.  Although students will be part-time they must still adhere to the Student Handbook as it applies.  Students are expected to be responsible for their own work and be able to work independently throughout the year to accomplish projects and assignments.  As in all classrooms, students are expected to respect the teacher and classmates during any interaction. This is a unique and flexible opportunity for students to make the educational experience their own, therefore independent work and communication are a MUST.

What is the basic course design?

Each course is designed to be a flexible, self-paced online learning experience.  There will be work and learning that will take place outside of what might be considered “normal class time”.  Students will be expected to meet virtually with their teacher a minimum of once a week, with some courses requiring additional meets more often due to the subject area.  This time will be decided by the student and the teacher.  This in person time could include assessments, discussion, follow-up on assignments, or further instruction by the teacher.  Between classes students will be expected to work on assignments given by the teacher which could include, but are not limited to, questions, additional reading, research or writing assignments.

What is included?

PCS curriculum, textbook, certified teacher, Chromebook and high school credit upon coursework completion.  The Chromebook and textbook must be returned when the course has been completed.

What is the tuition?

SHARE PCS Tuition Rates

  • Application Fee: Waived for the 21-22 school year
  • Registration Fee: $200
    • Cost per course: $450 (Full credit – course meets all year)
    • $200 (½ credit – course meets a semester)
    • $400 (additional full credit course)
  • Class Fee: $50 per course (Some courses may require the purchase of additional resources)

What are the fees?

There may be some additional resources you will need to purchase, depending on the class.  For example, there will be some art supplies that you may need to purchase for an art class or a book for an English course. These additional items are not included in the tuition.  Each course has a class fee of $50 for textbook and Chromebook usage.

What is the application process?

Families can access the SHARE PCS application through the PCS website.


Is there tuition assistance available?

Tuition assistance is not available for online courses at this time.

What are the classes that are currently offered?

Algebra I

Algebra II

Anatomy and Physiology

Art I

Art II










US History

World History

US History

World History

What does the calendar for courses look like?

SHARE PCS will follow the regular school calendar for all breaks and school days.

Start Date:  August 12, 2021

End Date: May 27, 2022