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In January 2022 the PCS Board of Directors took a step of faith and voted to move forward with a plan to significantly improve our facilities.  Our current campus was built in the 1970s as a K-8 school and is no longer sufficient for our K-12 needs.  Starting in fall 2022 we will be constructing a brand new high school building and a brand new music suite.  The high school building will include 15 classrooms (including a biology lab and an art room), a media center/library, and several offices.  We will also be making upgrades to our current buildings, building a girls’ softball field on our new property at Springdale (4 miles from our main campus) and retrofitting the boys’ baseball field at Springdale.  We are calling this our Second Century Campaign, as it should all be completed at the beginning of the 2023-24 school year, which will be our 100th year by the grace of God!  These new facilities should allow us to continue offering our academically strong, Christ-centered education for generations to come. 

The amazing part of this campaign is that the Lord has already provided about three-quarters of the funding needed to complete these projects!  Our board has mandated that all capital improvements must be paid for as we go without accuring additional debt.  To reach the full amount needed to complete these projects debt-free, we have launched the Open Phase of our Second Century Capital Campaign. 


Cost of New High School Building, Music Wing, Boys’ Baseball Field and Girls’ Softball, and Current Facilities Upgrades:        $7,550,000

Current Available Funds and Pledges Confirmed or In Progress:                                                                                                                $5,660,000

Second Century Capital Campaign Open Phase Goal:                                                                                                                                     $1,890,000

We invite YOU to join us in this work of the Lord called Portland Christian School.  Whether you make a one-time gift or pledge a specific amount per month for the next three years or more, every dollar will be used to provide Portland Christian Schoolwith the space to educate students in the Truth for the next century or until the Lord returns!

TO MAKE SET UP PLEDGE PAYMENTS OR ONE-TIME GIFTS, PLEASE CLICK HERE.  Please choose “2nd Century Capital Campaign” from the drop-down menu of funds.  To start making pledge payments, choose “Recurring Gifts.”  THANK YOU!


Portland Avenue Church of Christ founded Portland Christian School in 1924 upon the truth that “the fear of the Lord is the chief part of wisdom.” Today Portland Christian School continues to present academic learning in the light of the reality of the Word of God.

Begun as a work of faith and a labor of love, the school was supported by free-will offerings alone until 1985. So the mission of the school could continue, a tuition policy was adopted for the 1985-86 school year and remains in effect today. However, even with the tuition plan, more than 20% of the cost of educating students comes from support of churches and individuals interested in partnering with the talented staff, teachers, and administrators who serve in this ministry.

Portland Christian School has chosen to serve every student, with few exceptions, who applies for admittance whether in the inner city or the outskirts of Louisville. This is the choice PCS has made in determining the best way to serve and those God sends to PCS. Because of our historical roots in the West End of Louisville, PCS is one of the few Christian schools that continues to serve the inner city while also serving the eastern Jefferson County community.

Portland Christian’s student body is made up of students from all geographic areas and different Christian denominations. PCS does require faithful service and attendance in the family’s home church. Portland’s curriculum includes a Bible class every day, either in the classroom setting or as a chapel program. The core values set by the school board stress this as partner to the academic growth of our students.

The partners who share in the ministry of Portland Christian School are vast and varied. They come from over 90 years of alumni and friends who love and believe in God’s ministry at PCS. Gifts from these partners vary from ten dollars a month to tens of thousands of dollars per year. The faithfulness of the school’s donors has sustained the school since 1924. From 2008 through 2017 these restricted and non-restricted gifts averaged about $600,000 per year. This figure includes estates left to PCS by alumni and friends.

The strategic plan set by the Portland Christian School Board offers guidelines for the school’s growth both in facilities and in the number of students able to receive a Christian education. PCS asks for your prayers. God’s will and blessing is foundational to this and any ministry. We ask you to become a working partner to make this school your own. Portland Christian School also needs your gifts because our needs are many and the costs are high. In comparison, the loss of a child’s soul because he has not come to know Jesus Christ, the Author of life, is an eternal consequence for which we will be held accountable if we have not done everything in our power to insure he gets that message.

Pray for the school.

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