Lunch Room Parent Information & Menu

*Portland Christian Healthy Lunch Program*

It is our desire to serve our students by providing tasty, healthy and affordable lunches! The PCS Healthy Lunch program allows for in house preparation, fresh foods and includes a reduced price lunch option to qualifying families.

Payment Policies:

The primary focus of our staff is the preparation and service of the meal. To help us make the most of our time, we have instituted a “no charge” policy. School lunch accounts will be “debit” accounts, not charge accounts. Families will deposit funds in their accounts for food purchases of any kind. Prepayment allows students to go through the line quicker giving them more time to eat. Payment can be accomplished in one of two ways:

1. Prepay with a check or cash: Please put payments in an envelope marked with the student’s name, grade, and amount paid. To insure your account gets credited, please make certain you label all envelopes containing a payment, especially if paying with cash. If paying with a check, please put your students name in the memo section.

2. Online set up and payment: Please follow the instructions to set up your student’s account on the EZ Parent Center. You may make payments here, view your student’s history, preorder lunches, etc. There is a fee associated with the online payment that comes from the payment processing center so if you have more than one student you are making payments for, you may pay a larger amount on one account then send Lisa Cyrus or Susan Philpott an email stating this and advising us on how you would like the money divided. We are able to transfer money from one account to the other. or .


This is only available on a limited basis and is designed to cover the rare situation of a student forgetting a lunch or a parent neglecting to prepay. Charges will be allowed for one day only and must be paid in full the following school day. If your account becomes delinquent, you may be charged a late fee. Students may only charge a lunch, not extras such as additional entrees, ice
cream or chips.

Eating Lunch with your Child

You are welcome to join your child for lunch at any time. If you are able to send a note in advance so that we can assure you get what you want to eat, that would be helpful. You may send it with your student or email it to the email addresses listed above before 9:00am. An adult lunch is $4.50 and can be paid as you come through the line or sent in with your order/child that morning.

Lunch Room Forms

School Lunch Schedule:

10:40- 11:05     4th Grade

10:40- 11:05     5th Grade

10:50- 11:15     6th Grade

11:00- 11:25     1st Grade

11:05- 11:30     2nd Grade

11:10- 11:35     3rd Grade

11:10- 11:35     Kindergarten


School Lunch Prices

Lunch Type Price
Lunch Meal $3.50
Entrée Only $2.50
Extra slice of Papa John’s pizza only on Fridays (with purchased lunch only) $1.50
Chik Fil A Sandwich only (If purchased as an entrée only or a second sandwich w/lunch) $4.50
Chick Fil A Meal $5.00
Fruits/Vegetables $1.00 each
Roll $.50
Chips $.75
Milk/Tea (9-12 only) $.50
Ice Cream will be available at various prices from $.50-$1.00
Adult Lunch $4.50

*Reduced priced lunches will be offered to qualifying households. Please see application.

We also offer the option to purchase an annual or semester lunch ticket at a reduced price.  If you wish to purchase an annual ticket, the cost is $550.00 to be paid the first day of school.  If you would prefer to split it up in to semester payments, a semester ticket is $290.00 and is to be paid the first day of school and again the first day of the second semester, January 17th.